It’s all thought; even the REAL stuff

I’ve had a gradual and very strangled route to this particular realisation. In fact, so much so that I would say that my ego nearly got the better of me on it.

However, I was fortunate enough to lose a grip on my thinking briefly for this insight to slip in, and boy am I glad it did.

I thought that I had a pretty good handle on my own experience:

You know, what was made up and what was real?!

The statement itself is a pretty hard sell to your ego, when not only is everyone around you living in a world that understands that circumstances create feelings, and there is stuff “out there” causing your feelings, but you also live that, moment to moment. It’s very persistent!

The problem is, until you realise that everything you experience is made up, you’ll find a contradiction around every corner and constantly be at war with yourself (think about how many ups and downs you have a day, and you start to get a feel for what I’m pointing to).

To give an example, have you ever seen something you were sure existed, but then in the moment, realised that it was a trick of the mind?
One time, I had a bad experience when someone was following me. I felt that I was being followed. The assailant stalked me, walking in time with me, but each time I turned around, they seemed to be conveniently on their phone. Then I walked a little quicker and sure enough he upped his pace in turn. He was probably calling other criminals in the area to come and help him out, while he robbed me and left me for dead. Rather than hang around, I ran for it. He ran too, shouting to me as he did “Hey!”.
Strangley, for no apparent reason, I held my pockets so as to not drop my belongings and, in a moment of clarity, I realised I left my wallet in the cafe I’d just left. This stopped me in my tracks, long enough for the ‘master criminal’ to catch me! To my surprise, he handed me my wallet and said “Jeez man, you must be in a hurry or something!” Sheepishly, I apologised and thanked him sincerely for saving my bacon.

Now, that story really did happen, but the fluctuation of experience of the “real” event is a pointer to the real source of experience. You see, I didn’t just think that guy was a mugger, I lived it as a reality. It looked and felt totally real to me. It was only when my thoughts changed, that he became a Samaritan.

So which one was real?

Both experiences, in fact, were a manifestation of a deeper reality through my own perception. It was all made up. It was all just thought.

Experience lies beyond what you know, in the deeper reality that exists outside of thought; the Three Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness. It’s like a melting pot of energy, waiting to create and experience for you to live as reality.

Once you’ve dropped back, out of your thinking, into the melting pot of the principles, all your reality begins to dissolve like cheese in a fondue. It’s not like the cheese disappears, it just changes into a different form, because no matter if its solid, liquid or gas, it’s still made of the same stuff, right?

So in this melting pot, you don’t lose anything, rather your experience changes into something new, and with it, the possibility exists for the next creation to be more profound, more grounded, more enlightened, more intelligent, than its predecessor.

Its different to replacing a thought with another, because its not happening in your intellect. You don’t have to think for this to happen. Why is this important? Because, rather than just change your associated feelings with that thought by replacing it, you experience everything through a new feeling state.

What feelings occur? I can’t answer that definitely, since we all have different thinking, and use the principles in different ways. I can only speak from my experience, which is that in this reality, for me, time doesn’t exist. I’ve experienced a feeling if immense energy, and yet at the same time, peace, security, clarity and confidence. It’s what I had been searching for over many many years, but never would have found before I understood what was happening for me and just where it was coming from.

Truth be told, I am not unique. We are all using these principles to create our moment to moment experience. It’s all made up, even the real stuff that we can touch, smell, taste and feel. It’s all being created inside of each of us, and were only ever one thought away from the melting pot, because its who we all really are. It’s our true nature.

It is my hope that anyone reading this finds hope and resonance. We are all living our thinking, even though it never looks or feels that way to us in the moment.
Anyone who has the courage to look beyond the words to the true meaning, the feeling, will find connection to a reality we could never think possible, yet one of endless possibility.


Society’s Biggest Problem

Every day you can pick up a paper and read about a problem in society. There are millions of them.

In our businesses, there are constant problems that we are facing and having to deal with.

Individually, in our own lives, we too have problems galore.

It seems no matter what you do, or where you look, there is something affecting your wellbeing, happiness or success.

We seem to be at a tipping point, where we, as a human race, are crying out for something that can explain it all and help guide us to come stability, clarity and peace.

So what’s the biggest problem?

The biggest problem is that we are stuck in an old paradigm of understanding our own experience of life. If we only knew what it was and where it was coming from, then we could solve all society’s problems at a stroke. Literally, gone in moments!

So we’ve just got to wait until someone discovers how it works I guess??

Not only has it been realised, the late Sydney Banks had a profound insight into the nature of reality in the 1970s, but there are ripples of his legacy that are profoundly changing the fields of business, community action, mental health, law enforcement, education and relationships.

If anyone; maybe you, maybe someone you know, maybe someone you want to give you a break, wants the answers you seek to any problem or challenge that you or others face, I strongly recommend you start at the core: the very essence and building blocks of your experience of life.

There are several excellent resources I highly recommend:

Three Principles Movies

Tikun (UK hub for Three Principles education)

Three Principles for Human Development (Elsie Spittle)

Three Principles Global Community

What “Potential” REALLY is

To ever reach it, you’ve first got to understand the true nature of potential. The interesting, and truly humbling, thing about that is that potential is infinite. It only took me 25 years of intellectual education to realise! (not bad)

There are many ways people point to potential and our connection with it; “The Zone” in sport, “A Quiet Mind” and “Clarity” are just a few.

What is happening in all these instances? The collapse of our intellectual system.

See, I realised that the intellect (or ego) can do some amazing things, but there is no capacity in it for potential. It doesn’t exist there. This made me laugh quite a lot, seeing as a I spent most of my life living from and expanding mine in order to try and improve, and ultimately realise, that potential.

It’s paradoxical, but there is more intelligence and answers in a state of ‘no thought’ , than all the learning that mankind has ever done intellectually. When our ego shuts down, even for a moment, we are no longer seeing and interacting with the product of thought. We are living through thought, the power of thought, moment to moment.

Athletes, senior business leaders, international concert musicians, surgeons, all people who look for clarity and access to more intelligence when they need it most, will all tell you that they get their best ideas and incredible performances when they’re not thinking. In fact, when we as human beings have our best ideas, for example solving a problem or being creative, it’s often:

    In the car
    In the shower
    On holiday

All of which point to the fact that it is a lack of thought, not more of it, that will yield what we all are striving for. I mean, how much thought do you need to take a shower, or sunbathe? The truth of it is that we don’t need personal thinking to function. It is what limits us, not develops us.

Are looking for answers to your problems, for clarity? Maybe you’re just looking for a nice feeling, to be peaceful, connected and have a sense of understanding?

By realising that what you know, or what you think you know, won’t give you any of that, you’ll be quiet and free.

In that moment, you’ll start to connect with what you’re really looking for.